What is "Thousand Miles Out"?


Thousand Miles Out is a team based isometric survival game in a realistic tropical environment. Survive, loot, craft, explore, find rescue. A singleplayer game for PC and Mac.

The struggle for survival on a deserted island – In Thousand Miles Out you take on the task to guide the last four survivors from the ship lost in a storm through their daily struggles to survive. You have to select the 4 characters that you will guide. Possible choices are for example a biologist, a mechanic and a deck-hand. Each character has different skills that you should make good use of.

 true wilderness survival

In Thousand Miles Out we want to simulate the fight for survival as realistic as possible without losing the fun in the gameplay. If something would not work in a real survival situation, it will also not work in the game. We call it: true wilderness survival. A situation that is merely uncomfortable in the safety of civilization, can be life threatening in the wild. Nature does not show pity and does not forgive mistakes. The battle for survival in Thousand Miles Out feels just like that. Example: If one of the characters gets sick, then he really is sick. It will not only be noticeable by a changed status bar, the character will actually have to rest and recover in bed. And if it is a serious disease, he will have to be looked after by someone.



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